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XP SP2 power down

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  • XP SP2 power down

    This is an old problem, but I cannot seem to find problem. Installed SP2 on an emachines AMD computer, when it began restarting when told to shut down. Have checked BIOS, boot.ini, system option to restart on error, registry, and hidden misinstalled device manager drivers. What am I missing? Power supply is OK. So how does processor intervene on shutdown and does this happen on MB connetion to front panel power switch?

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    Re: XP SP2 power down

    check the following (but knowing emachines they will be as usefull as a chocolate teapot)

    Bios Version - is it up to date?
    is the OS fully updated?
    is Wake on LAN/ Wake on ring enabled?
    are all the drivers up to date?


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      Re: XP SP2 power down

      Hi Bcloch,

      You might find this site useful -

      (I also have a user whose machine which won't power off post SP2 install. Fixing it is low priority so I haven't tried yet)