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Explorer problem with home networking

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  • Explorer problem with home networking

    I did a simple home networking between two xp pro computers.

    i have done this before and it worked fine.

    for some reason, the IE on the "client" computer in the netwrok is giving me doesnt connect to any sites.

    both computers are connected fine, ping between them I can even ping from the "client" computer to the sites and its fine.

    I can connect from the client computer to ICQ adn msn messneger no problem...

    any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

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    Have you run the ICS Wizard on them?
    What IPs does the "non working" PC have? Is the IP assigned by gateway PC or have you just assigned it manually?
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      i did run the ics on them.

      the computer connected directly to the net is and the other one received the from the hosts dhcp.

      the gateway pc provided the client pc with all that info.



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        i also get a error 408/409

        i also get an error in the IE (408/409).