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Win 10 - RAM in Task Manager Being Under Reported.

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  • Win 10 - RAM in Task Manager Being Under Reported.

    Here's a cute one. We have the exact same model PC installed across 150 employees. Two of them, in different departments, are having the same issue. They both have 8GB of RAM.

    Over 5-6 hours the RAM will fill up and slow their computer down dramatically. Eventually, they will freeze and need to be rebooted. Once Rebooted, all is fine, but the RAM slowly fills up. When you look at RAM use through task manager the problem machines are reporting well under what my machine is showing.

    Example. MS Word on my machine with no document open, just a blank page, uses 28.8MB. On a problem machine with several page doc only 0.1 MB of RAM is used.

    Example 2: MS Outlook on problem machine with 5 emails open uses 1.9 MB. On my machine, with nothing open, 49.6 MB is in use.

    My Calculator is using 12.6MB where the problem PC has IE open with three tabs and only 0.1 in use.

    If you total all task manager memory on the problem, PC it adds up to 39.4MB total. Yet, almost 8GB of RAM is being used???? Something is wonky on these two machines.

    Here's a screenshot. Problem machine is on the left. Normal PC on the right.

    Any ideas?

    RAM comparison

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    Your snapshot also shows the problem machine is at 95% CPU usage, but the listed values don't begin to explain that, either. I'd start verifying drivers vs chipsets, because sometimes a vendor can release a device that looks like every other specimen of that model, but internal components may be different. We've seen Dell do this. This could also be some malware infection. When said PC is acting like this, does anything change if you pull the network cable for some extended period of time (>5 minutes)? How well protected are you against infections?
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