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Cellular connection GPO control

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  • Cellular connection GPO control

    Hi all

    I'm trying to find out how I can centrally manage settings for the cellular and sim settings in windows 10, and 7. I cant find anything on google and its getting extremely frustrating. I need to find out if I can set it to simply not auto connect eithe rthrough GPO or registry

    If you can help I'd really appreciate it

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    I don't understand what it is your trying to control.

    Are you trying to block users from automatically connecting to a mobile broadband network?

    I don't think, I've never actually seen one, there is a policy that does that.


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      Have a look at GP Preferences for the users, specifically the IE 'Internet Options' dialog. The 'Connections' tab is where the LAN vs dial-up and proxy settings are maintained. As long as you're using the GPMC for Server 2012 or newer, the version of IE it talks about governing is IE10, but the same settings work for IE11 as well. Basically, if you can set up what you want on one PC by going thru Control Panel - Internet Options, you can use GPP to apply those same settings domain-wide.
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