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Interrupted upgrade from 7 to 10 - what can I do?

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  • Interrupted upgrade from 7 to 10 - what can I do?


    Recently I begin to download an upgrade to Windows 10 on my Win 7 Professional, and shortly later my son interrupted this process (by closing the download window), to shut down the PC.

    I can't find how I can continue the process of upgrading for now. I tried browsing the Internet but cannot find an answer (maybe, I asked incorrect questions). Please give me an advice: how to continue upgrading in this cause?

    Best regards.

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    How did you download the upgrade? If you are using Windows Update, Windows Update will resume the download automatically (you just need to wait a short time before it shows this is happening).
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      Blood, thanks for an advice; I wait for a week and more but still cannot have any signs of continuous download. Maybe it is a some hidden process?


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        If this was the free upgrade, I'm afraid that the free upgrade installation period ended some time ago.
        A recent poll suggests that 6 out of 7 dwarfs are not happy


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          I believe there are some still being allowed up until a couple of weeks ago.

          An article in I read happened to mention that the fantastic Anniversary Upgrade killed the Reckon accounting software. The cause, Microsoft decided the Dot Net Framework 3.5 or 3.51 was no longer required and deactivated/uninstalled it or something like that (should read the article again and link it to here). Anyways, Dot Net 3.51 is essential to the Reckon software and it will NOT run without it. Good one Microbrains. (Damn, had a look and can't find it. Will look again when the drugs kick in). Was a real interesting article but anyway for the OP, there were Win10 freebee installs still happening. Don't know if they have stopped now; I bloody hope so. Apologies but that was totally off topic. Please read the following paragraph.
          [Edit 2nd October 2016] Found the link and worth reading.

          Question for the OP, how old is the hardware? I had to research a 2009 Dell machine and that would NOT take a Windows 10 install even though the owner tried the Upgrade. It did not work so good hence me being called into the rescue. I believe it is now a case of the blind leading the blind but I may have convinced the owner to go back to Windows 7. Some new hardware is also having issues. If you have a brand name machine, check their website and see if they have Windows 10 drivers for your machine.

          Also depending on your machine, you may have a Recovery Partition on the HDD. Before invoking that action make sure your have BACKED UP all your data and know what setting you have applied to your setup so you can easily replicate it after any possible Recovery option. Once that is done and you are still brave enough to want Windows 10, then you could try again. A phone call to Microsoft may elicit a link to a download for the Upgrade. After all they still want to get ONE Billion users so if you are still keen, it's worth a try. The worst they can do is say NO!
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            Thanks for your responses!

            My hardware is relatively old, being a high-middle of late 2011. I have no «genuine» recovery partitions or methods except the DVD with Win 7. Still, I have some backups of my system image taken by[MOD DELETED LINK] feature, and I'm able to re-install an "untouched" copy of Win 7 on it. But if I will restore my Win 7, this upgrading process will definitely resume; I must complete it or stop it, and I guess the process will continue smoothly when I will reset my system hard drive.
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