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Lenovo T420 Keyboard doesn't work , i feel this weird

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  • Lenovo T420 Keyboard doesn't work , i feel this weird

    i face a strange issue , i'm using my Lenovo laptop T420 since a while , everything was fine with windows 10 , but suddenly the keyboard got mad ... some letters are not working and even before starting windows so i thought the laptop keyboard should be replaced .

    anyway i connected another keyboard USB to test it , and it works but for only 5 minutes , then when i'm in windows and when i click some buttons i find browser open or closed , it seems one of the function buttons always pressed .

    i don't know if this is really a keyboard problem or a virus , or may be this is incompatible driver with windows 10 .

    this issue only happens after i connect my laptop to a public WiFi ... may be that was a virus ???

    please let me know what do you think


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    Is the keyboard correctly installed and is the region set correctly? Have you scanned your computer? Do you have all the latest updates installed for both your operating system and your programs? Very important - is the BIOS up to date for the laptop - but, I cannot see any support for Windows 10 on the T420.

    Try running sfc /scannow
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      Did the keyboard start going bonkers after the Anniversary Update which seems to have upset a lot of other hardware?
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