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Many built-in Windows apps broken since late April / early May 2016

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  • Many built-in Windows apps broken since late April / early May 2016

    Has anybody else noticed that a whole raft of built-in Windows 10 apps, including the Store app itself, are broken since late April / early May 2016?

    ​Affected apps cannot be uninstalled, reinstalled or reregistered using the AppxPackage cmdlets, which all fail with error ​0x80073CF6 because of missing dependency files, either for additional languages or different display scalings.

    I posted about this on the Microsoft answer forum and received a boilerplate response that I should uninstall and reinstall the broken apps (which won't work because of the error and the fact that the Store app itself is broken, too) or perform a repair upgrade. However, it has already been proven that none of these default actions (including deleting and recreating your user profile) will help because apps are deployed and updated independently behind the scenes, and even a clean system which has just been installed will ultimately end up with broken apps once the dodgy app updates have been deployed.

    The thread has since gone stale and Microsoft isn't responding anymore, so I thought I'd turn to some fellow professionals for help. Has anyone noticed the same and found a solution or workaround? Affected apps seem to be Calculator, Store, Groove, Camera, Films & TV, Maps, Alarms & Clock, Scan, PDF Reader, but not News or Windows Feedback, other optional apps, or 3rd party apps. Also, the Mail / Calendar app which was initially affected, too, has come right again because of a later update that was deployed on 28-May.

    Thanks for any help or further insights

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    I had not realised this had happened (I use my W10 PC for gaming, Internet and use a 3rd party mail program, and office), I don't use the majority of the 'apps'. I just tried starting calculator and, as you say, it is not usable - I don't even see the normal screen and after clicking the close button the Task Bar remain unresponsive until calculator (belatedly) closes.

    I suspect this is something that will only be fixed by a Windows Update.

    Piss-poor testing is probably to blame.

    Click image for larger version

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      Not having any issues with my Surface Pro 3 - Win10 Pro x64 updated fully (WIn10 installed as an upgrade from 8.1)
      Calc and Store work fine - haven't tried anything else
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        Thanks for your feedback, guys. It looks like it's more likely to happen to you if you have additional language packs installed, or use different display scalings, like 150% on the tablet screen and 100% on an external monitor. This is when the missing dependency files come into play. If you used only a single screen or consistent scaling across all displays, and had only English (US) language components installed, then you might not be affected.

        ​A few more apps have repaired themselves since a raft of updates was deployed on 4-Jun, but for example Calc and Store are still broken on my system. I agree with Blood that this is poor testing and QA, allowing app updates to go out that break the apps in a way that you can't install, uninstall or reinstall them, and break the Store app, too.

        Brave new world. This brings back bad memories of DLL hell.



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          Aha - yes, as well as my monitor I also have my TV plugged into my PC and that uses a different resolution (my display settings are configured to duplicate the display). MS are usually pretty good with the updates so hopefully this issue will be fixed sooner rather than later.
          A recent poll suggests that 6 out of 7 dwarfs are not happy


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            Doesn't look like it's gonna be fixed any time soon, or that MS actually cares. Received updated Mail app files today, and now it's broken again, same error as before, missing dependency files. Sigh ((