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Apply policy to Windows 10 PCs only

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  • Apply policy to Windows 10 PCs only

    We're using mostly Windows 8.1 but starting to use Windows 10. For the students they want me to customize the start menu. I found it could be dine by a GPO exporting the layout as discussed here.

    This works perfectly on Windows 10 Computers but in testing I see that if its applied to an OU and the user logs into a Win 8.1 PC it removes the option on login to click on the desktop. They get a blank screen and have to search for the desktop under apps. Is there any way of applying a polic like this to just apply to Windows 10 and not 8.1. We have too many computers to create seperate OUs for each OS

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    Never mind found it, thanks


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      Thats how we target specific machines using GPO.

      Works perfectly for us.