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GWX delay

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  • GWX delay

    I see there is GWX file on this Win 7 that helps to delay the PC to start up each time. I understand the GWX is waiting for me to agree to install the Free Win 10. How long do we have to wait for MS to remove the GWX presumably when the free offer expires?

    As this is an old PC and Drive I was advised I believe by someone here not to risk installing Win 10 as it might damage the drive, especially as I believe it could take a few hours. Also I doubt I am missing anything I would find of value in Win 10. I do not buy a lot of wonderful new games or Apps.

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    A response to a previous question explained how to remove the GWX application. Once removed, you need to use Windows update to 'Hide' the update so that it is not accepted again.
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