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Windows 10 customization?

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  • Windows 10 customization?

    We;re looking at using Windows 10 for our students. I was wondering if anyone has looked at disabling things such as the XBOX app and things like that for all users. I can't find anything specifically related in Group policy (yes I have the Windows 10 admx) There is the Get-apppackage PS command but that seems like a per user solution. Has anyone found a good way of pushing out changes to these settings?

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    I found this via a search: You create the policy on a client, then export it to a DC.
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      The Get-Apppackage command appears to be the same one that is used in Windows 8/8.1 and that is a PC settings. We use this command to remove all the inbuilt Windows 8.1 apps for our users and also disable the Windows Store.

      Can't remember where i got it but it works exactly as we require with the exception of OneNote

      Sorry for some reason the code won't post.


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        I was able to block it using this

        I tried the Get-app... command it works if I login as admin but then only removes it for that user not any other.