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The net use command is unable to map a network drive

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  • The net use command is unable to map a network drive


    I replaced my old Fileserver with a new one and I found that when I use the following commands, the new mapping is not working.

    "net use * /delete"
    "The command completed successfully."

    After running the above command, I still see the network drives with a big red X on them, so I run this command (taskkill /f /IM explorer.exe) and explorer.exe to load the Explorer (or just logoff and login to the computer) and all network drives have disappeared. Cool!

    Now I only need to run "net use t: \\fileserver2\product" and all will be set accordingly. Right?

    Wrong! - I receive System error 85 has occurred. The local device name is already in use.

    What's happening?! No Drives are shown in the: Network Drive" section in "This PC".

    Yet, if I type "t: <Enter>" in CMD and I do enter the new path and can run DIR command and see all its content (although I still do not see any network drives in "This PC").

    One more thing: If I map it manually --> right click on This PC --> Map Network Drive ... I am able to see and use the new path on the This PC section. Great Success, but I want it to run via script.

    So, what am I doing wron g? I f that w as o nly one - two computers so be it, but I have several I would like it to be mapped via the domain Login Script.

    Your help is appreciated .


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    id start by using a gpo instead of a script

    you probably dont need to do the item level targeting bit but read about it, maybe it would be useful to you.

    create the gpo, restart the computers. they will get the policy update as part of the start up and then when you login they should map the drives.
    alternatively, you can create the gpo, run gpupdate /force on each client and log off/log back on and it shoud map the drive.