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Windows 10 goes Gold.

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  • Windows 10 goes Gold.

    Bored stupid, well more stupid than I normally am so I went and looked at to see what 10 would become available. The information on was pathetically lacking so I looked around. (Remember I said I was bored stupid) Weeeeeeell, what a bloody awful Home Page for 10, could it get worse.......YES! I watched the Windows 10 video. It runs for 1 minute and 14 seconds (only know that because is stated that next to the play button) but I lasted about 22 seconds before I felt the onset of a headache. Obviously watched it too long because I now have a headache. Why do their oh so way cool hipster down with it marketing people have to make advertising crap like they have. Hell, even the Bill and that Friend's idiot adverts were better than the Windoze 10 ones and I didn't like the Vista ads.

    This was in a local paper and in case it wasn't in yours, I present it here: Preview Windows 1.0 (yes, that is One decimal Zero) Just remember that Windows 1, 2 and 3.xx were NOT operating systems. OK!
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    Haha - cool stuff. I never used Windows 1 or 2, but remember having to add Win to autoexec.bat when using Windows 3.1. I also remember using every utility under the sun to get the most out my system's memory - glad that is a thing of the past
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