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Windows 10 V Android OS

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  • Windows 10 V Android OS

    I see from
    That Win 10 is going to be something of a big gamble for MS to maintain supremacy with a new version of Windows against intense competition from the Android OS.

    This is especially as Android is free, and presumably like many Linux not subject to endless regular updates like all versions of Windows.
    However it appears you need to take great care when installing Android to download the exact version for you particular laptop. But do you need to be equally careful if replacing Windows on a Desktop? Also what are the minimum RAM requirements for the Android OS ?


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    The Windows 10 upgrade will match the edition of the present OS as stated in that article. You do not need to worry about that because the free automatic update will download the same edition of Windows 10: Win7 Home = Win10 Home, Win7 Pro - Win10 Pro etc.

    I'm not at all familiar with Android so have no idea about system requirements. A quick search throws up ambiguous results for installing Android on a PC so based on this lack of info I would wait until Android X86 is mature.
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      Android OS???

      Do you have a link to this desktop OS that will be competing with Windows? shows that it is only available for phones, tablets, TV's and auto.

      Maybe your confused with ChromeOS.

      I think you have a bit of a blinkered outlook on windows at the moment, going by your adverse posts about Windows 10 on the forums, if I remember correctly you had the same thing when Windows 7 was released and then Windows 8.

      Couple of things i'd like to point out

      1. No one, not even Microsoft, is forcing you to update your operating system from any version of Windows that you have, I know places that still use NT4 on critical components in the organisation. This will be dictated by vendors who typically drop specific OS's from the support list.
      2. Linux has been around for a long, long time and is continually developed by people and companies all over the world. Is Linux more secure than Windows? that all depends on the user.
      3. You must be off your rocker to think that Windows and only Windows is affected by the need to run updates to the OS. Ever used a Mac? Based on BSD Unix IIRC. Fedora? Linux based that requires updates.
      4. Applications, do you think that its only applications that run on windows that need updated? Maybe have a little look through Google for things like HeartBleed,


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        It's not a competitor by any stretch of the imagination. More info can be found here
        A recent poll suggests that 6 out of 7 dwarfs are not happy


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          Console OS Brings Android to Your PC

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