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Difference between Windows 10 pro and home?

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  • Difference between Windows 10 pro and home?


    Suppose if I am going to get Windows 10 Home, then what are the things that I will miss for not getting Windows 10 Pro. I will be getting free upgrade from Windows 7 home. Just curious.
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    Hi Wafa,

    It depends on what kind of users you are. There is definitely difference between Windows 10 Home, Pro and Enterprise version of the OS. However if you are a normal / standard user then Windows 10 home should work fine for you. Pro and Enterprise is for pro users who are into technical things or actually uses features like Domain Join Services, Group Policy editor , remote access service etc. The Windows 7 / 8 home users will get Windows 10 Home and the Window 7 / 8 Pro / Ultimate users will get Windows 10 Pro.

    You can check out the list of differences following the below given sources.


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      You will be getting update feature from window update automatically while using window 10 home and to postponed that feature is in window 10 pro. Bitlocker drive encryption is possible in window 10 pro only.


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        I'm sorry but this question is just lazy. You could have easily gone to Microsoft's website and got the answer straight from the horses mouth rather than posting your question on an unrelated website trolling for second hand answers that may be nothing more than conjecture. You showed no effort in finding the answer for yourself. Microsoft has posted edition comparisons for each of their operating systems since... forever.