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Free Autodesk exams on October 19th

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  • Free Autodesk exams on October 19th

    Morning all,

    Autodesk are making all of their exams available for free on October 19th at participating training centres in EMEA. The offer covers both the Associate and Professional exams for a variety of Autodesk products.

    Not strictly IT-related, but if anybody is supporting any Autodesk products at work, this would be a good opportunity to formalise the experience you have with the products.

    Worth noting that if you achieve the Professional accreditation in one version of software, you only need to pass the Associate exam in future versions to maintain Professional status. Ie, if you pass the Associate and Professional exams in Inventor 2011, you will be an Inventor 2011 Professional. If you also pass the Inventor 2012 Associate exam, you will also be an Inventor 2012 Professional.

    This website is run by an authorised Autodesk training partner rather than by Autodesk themselves, but has a list of the participating training centres:

    I wouldn't advise that people register for these exams just to "give them a go" as good knowledge of Autodesk products is required in order to pass, besides which places will be limited. However if anybody does have prior experience of the products and just needs to brush up on the latest versions, 30 day evaluation versions can be freely downloaded from Autodesk.
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