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  • Vcp..

    Hi, I would like to get my vcp but I only have the class for version 3. Is this still valid.


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    Re: Vcp..

    According to this link yes it is


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      Re: Vcp..

      The VCP3 exam is no longer available, so you will have to work towards VCP4 on vSphere. You will have to attend an official vSphere 4 course in order to qualify for VCP4 in spite of you already having attended a VI3 course. So, what are your options?

      If you don't work much with VI3/vSphere, in spite of having been trained on VI3, I would advise taking the 5-day vSphere: Install Configure Manage course - this course is the closest match to the VCP4 exam of all the courses that would qualify you for VCP4, it will also refresh and update your VI3 skills/knowledge as well as teaching you about many of the new vSphere 4 features.

      If you work with VI3/vSphere a fair bit, I would advise that you either take the 2-day vSphere: What's New course or the 4-day vSphere: Troubleshooting course - both of those courses will count as qualification for VCP4 and you won't end up going over concepts/features that you are already familiar with from your VI3 course and experience.

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