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EXIN Certifications?

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  • EXIN Certifications?

    I am almost done with the MCSE track after almost 2 years and want to earn some non-MS / OS specific /100% technical credentials and to develop my non technical skills.
    (Offcourse I will also try to upgrade to MCITP EA next year)

    I picked "Certified Business Information Administrator" from EXIN to achieve this. To become a "CBIA" you have to pass for the following courses/exams:

    ISyF - Information Systems Foundation
    TMPF - TMap NEXT® Foundation
    BISLF - Business Information Management Foundation
    PPF - Project Participation Foundation
    PCF - Professional Communication Foundation

    Some links:

    Most of you will be familair with the EXIN ITIL courses. I am curious if any of you attended any other EXIN courses or earned some EXIN credentials.

    What are your experiences with EXIN?
    MCITP:EST | MCTS | MCSE 2k3 | MCSA 2k3 | MCP
    A+ Core | ITIL-F