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Books vs Dumps Story: Security+

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  • Books vs Dumps Story: Security+

    So, I thought it would be a good idea to study for something during my downtime until Microsoft came out with some decent materials for the MCSA>MCITP upgrade exams. I choose the Security+ as it was an area I wanted to start to concentrate more and more in. I bought a Sybex book, some practice exams, and supplemented all of my reading by researching on Google and whatever free material I could find on the net.

    So this past Tuesday was the day to take the test. I was feeling confident and ready to pass the exam. Upon arrival a former coworker was there as well, he too was taking Security+ exam. We talked briefly before signing in and shared "Good Luck". I finished the exam in around 45 minutes with a passing score of 873. I went back to sign out of the exam and my former coworker came around the corner. He looked down, then I realized he didn't pass by 14 points.

    We walked out to the car talking about the questions we had and sharing some input on questions he thought to have gotten wrong. I then found out that he had used braindumps that were outdated. I didn't really know what to say, but I told him he could have my book to study from. I told him to read through it and try it again.

    But anyways, just wanted to share that story for those who might come to this site looking for dumps or are considering dumps as a form of study. Though the dumps are supposed to be "right on" it shows that they are still not as effective as good old fashioned studying.
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    Re: Books vs Dumps Story: Security+

    "The dumps are supposed to be right on"

    How could they possibly be? They are the results of people writing down their answers when most of them didn't score a full 1000... so we don't know which of their answers were right - we don't even know if they passed!

    Studying from braindumps is a complete mugs game and it cheapens the qualifications for everyone including them. It's about time Microsoft started awarding their flagship certifications to people who have passed a 2 day Cisco style lab - no way you can braindump a top Cisco exam!!

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      Re: Books vs Dumps Story: Security+

      You're kind to have offered a book...

      I would've offered a: "HA HA! OWNED!"
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        Re: Books vs Dumps Story: Security+

        Actually gepeto, that's what I was thinking.
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          Re: Books vs Dumps Story: Security+

          get the materials on for free. they keep it up to date all the time, and loads of people keep taking exams and sharing the experience there
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