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Passed 70-294

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  • Passed 70-294

    Yesterday I passed the 70-294 exam.
    39 questions
    3 hours (all the other tests I've taken were 2 ½ hour time limits)

    I finished with about 50 minutes to go.

    Score: 863

    If I didn't need to get back to work I would've give them an earful in the comments section. There were two questions I can think of that really frustrated me. One I knew how to achieve the goal but there were no options that would provide the solution. It was a click and drag question so I took a guess at the configuration they wanted. In hind site, thinking through the logic, I think I probably chose the wrong one.
    The other one was also a click and drag but instead of not providing the correct solution, they had the “configuration” boxes in such ambiguous spots that you didn't know what you were configuring.

    Taking a queue from Jasonboche, this is what I used to prep for the test:

    MS Press “MCSE Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-294): Planning, Implementing, and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Infrastructure”
    Que Certification “Exam Cram2 Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Infrastructure”
    3 1/2 years experience in the IT field (I'm pretty green, I know)

    I found the MS Press book covered about 80% of what I was tested on and the Exam Cram coved most the same stuff in an overview format but it also had some tidbits you didn't get from the MS Press. I did, however, find both books lacking in the accuracy of their test questions. Exam Cram especially would have questions so ambiguous that you didn't know what they were talking about or the questions didn't have anything to do with the answers or they were just plain wrong and contradicted themselves. The free prep exam CD from MS Press had this problem also to a lesser extent.
    I know these are not meant to be high quality exam simulations so I'm not too worried about that aspect. Plus, as I'm going through them I check all the answers they give me (looking it up on MS's website mainly) so it was a good study tool in that respect.

    Does anybody have any recommendations for other books? I still have one more exam to get my MCSE, 70-298.

    Network Consultant/Engineer
    Baltimore - Washington area and beyond

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    Re: Passed 70-294

    Congratulations on your pass.

    About your frustration with a couple of the questions, just remember that the answers that are required are the Microsoft Way answers and the Microsoft Way (as well as Cisco) can vary to how you would actually solve a specific senario in the real world.

    Again well done and all the best with 298. :thumbsup: (no emoticon for that so the word will have to do).
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      Re: Passed 70-294

      Well done m8.

      Good luck for 298