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  • mcse material

    This weekend i will still startting the MCSE 2003 certification path, i have the ms press books for the 4 core exams, my question is should i purchase any additional books to accompany studies i was considering the windows server resource kit or mastering windows server 2003 what can the forum advise.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: mcse material

    What background experience do you have in the industry (or is it a profession)? Have you got a lab at home you can continually build and break? You can read all the books you like but nothing can substitute for hands on experience.
    I believe the MS Press books are alright though I do have a preference for Sybex, (some say tomaytoe, some say tomato). Have a search of THIS forum as there have been one or two topics with similar questions to yours.
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      Re: mcse material

      my experiences is sybess book, Video and you should have network at home with cheap old Pc install allstuff if you not working yet and you can play around. search for tip that you do not sure or see see advice from this wonderfull website
      Finally tesking ..... go into until you understands the root of the question
      before go for VUE or Prometric
      Hope it help