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    Sir petri,

    Iam newbie to the technology and i have finish networking from our country institute,iam not microsoft certify iam certify of our institute i.e jetking institute.

    Sir my dream is to be a microsoft certified but iam newbie and don't know how to prepare for the exam,sir there are 4 papers and each paper is of 1000 marks and out of that we have to get 700 marks for passing each paper.

    Sir pls tell me the passing marks of each paper or how much marks we have to get to pass each paper which carries 1000 marks.

    Sir pls recommend some books so that i can prepare for the exam,sir in our country many students refer BPB PUBLICATION
    Or should i prepare from microsoft press.

    pls give me advice.

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    Re: MCSA preparation

    Hi Sirdon,
    Good luck with your MCSA preparations!

    The pass marks vary so it is impossible to say that 700 is always a pass. Also there is no indication of the marks for each question. Really, in the exam, all you can do is do your best!

    For preparation, the best (IMHO) advice is to have real world experience of what you are expected to do. If you dont already have a practice network set up, get hold of some old PCs and the demo versions of Server 2003 and XP Pro and really learn how to make and break a windows network. Books are helpful but cannot replace real world experience. Personally I like the MS Press guides as the work through tutorials are excellent, but I know others have their own opinions. Practice exams are also very good since they let you experience the exam conditions and question style without the pressure of the real thing.

    One word of warning. Do not be tempted by various web sites that promise to give you all the answers for a particular exam. Since no written material can leave the exam room, you are relying on someones memory and a limited sample of a large bank of questions.

    Once again, good luck!

    [PS] Daniel -- I see your honour finally came through [/PS]

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