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  • Which way to go???

    Ok, first off this is my first post on this forum so if I get a little long winded please let me know and Second, Daniel, I visit a lot of websites and yours is one of the best. You have a good knowledge base and your subscribers know their stuff. Keep up the good work.

    Ok on to the question. I have people telling me that I need to get my Bachelors degree in Computer Science but others saying that I would be better off getting certified as an MCSE. Now I have an Associate in Computer programming that I never did much with. I am leaning more towards the MCSE just for the fact that I have a new position at my job that lets me work with the company MIS and I have access to the company network which means I get to learn a lot. My thinking is I can be certified with in 4 months or spend the next 2 years going to school. Anybody else been thru the same situation???