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Getting a job: Certs but now experience?

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  • Getting a job: Certs but now experience?

    How far will certs alone get you when getting a job? I would like to go to a certification center and learn the skills and get my certs, but every job posting I look at is calling for 3, if not 5 years of experience. Where is a guy to start?

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    Re: Getting a job: Certs but now experience?

    By the sounds of it m8 your are aiming too high with your first job.

    If i were you i'd be going for a first line helpdesk job and working up from that. With no experience you will find it very hard to get a job. Hopefully you can get experience and move up from that very soon.


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      Re: Getting a job: Certs but now experience?

      Thanks Wullie,

      I don't mind working my way up, but how long does one usually stay at the help desk level before they move into network admin on engineering? The school I will be attending will earn me A+, N+, MCSE, MCP, MCSA, and CCNA. Will these skills be put to good use in the help desk? I don't want to spend the money for the education if it is not going to be put to use. Ya know?



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        Re: Getting a job: Certs but now experience?

        I think alot will depend on you m8.

        I was on the helpdesk a month before i moved to an engineers role with a council. I stayed there for 4 months before i moved to a field based engineers role. I was there a while and have now left to go to another job where i am part of a 7 strong team that is spread out all over the globe, my terittory is europe, middle east and africa.


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          Re: Getting a job: Certs but now experience?

          I think it is really hard to say how long you'll have to be on the help desk. That is the route I had to take and have been here for about five months now. Some of it depends on you proving yourself and showing what abilities you have. But you may also be limited by the environment that you work in. What I mean by that is that you may have a boss who prefers to keep the jobs/responsibilities strictly outlined to certain individuals and even if you know more than the next guy you may never get a chance to move up. But you have to be willing to start small, get your foot in the door and be constantly looking for opportunities even if it means moving to another company. Good luck to you.


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            Re: Getting a job: Certs but now experience?

            I worked helpdesk for 4 years while going to the local University. After graduation I had a bachelors degree, 3 certs and 4 years helpdesk experience. Here in the U.S. helpdesk is not considered "relevant" experience when moving into an engineering or systems administration position. After proving that I knew wtf was going on by working as a consultant one of my clients hired me full time.

            Just my experience in the whole situation. Your mileage may vary.

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              Re: Getting a job: Certs but now experience?

              i've staid 2 years on a helpdesk/ local support department.. after that, I was working me up as a local support engineer, with basic system administration functions (eventlog, backup etcetc..)
              i've worked there also for about 2 years, and worked me up to a system engineer. Currently i'm the fallback (with a few collegue's) for our onsite teams.
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                Re: Getting a job: Certs but now experience?

                The reality is that you can have as many certifications as possible but if you don't have any practical experience when it comes to the crunch, you may not be able to cope with it.
                Often good troubleshooting skills are a good foundation to it all, this is something that does refine and get better with time.
                Unfortunately experience is the hardest to gain ... because it takes time, be patient do the work and things will happen.
                By experience I don't just mean technical but also being able to keep it together when you have the CEO or IT Manager breathing down you neck as you are trying to recover his critical server that has crashed, and keeps asking you every five ten minutes: Do you have a status update?


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                  Re: Getting a job: Certs but now experience?

                  In early 90's certification was an craze which is no more . More than
                  1 million Microsoft certifieds are looking for job ...They r job less...Not just
                  only Microsoft certified but Cisco , Oracle and Sun certified...Now its no more
                  a one man show!
                  But i would defiitely recommand to go for certifications. Microsoft is
                  the biggest software company. And MS certifications are always helpful..
                  May be not at the start ..But if u continue mantaining your certification on
                  the respective track, after year when u send ur resume, it explains the
                  emploey ur maintaining ur certification track !
                  Earning certification is a never ending thirst once u jump in to! Once
                  you pass MCP exam, a great joy automatically inspires you to go for more.
                  And arent ur interested to get a certificate from Microsoft signed by Bill Gates?
                  Wooo hoooo..Earlier they used to give full version CD os current OS ...But now
                  no longer because piracy!
                  I am holding 5 certifications from Microsoft and now moving towards
                  CCNA N CCNP respectively...I am working just on several US$'s salary but
                  i m very sure those certs gonna help me in the near future as i am a MCP since
                  2002 and continuing the record ..... So dont beleive if some1 saying go for
                  MCSE and u'll get hired ..No nothing like that..Experience is equally important
                  too ! And when the equation gets in to rhythm u'll definitely will be hired
                  by some big IT companies ....

                  Best of luck,
                  All in 1
                  Solaris,Linux & Windows admin + networking.