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    Hi guys,

    I'm preparing for the 70-290 exam. I purchased the Microsoft press books. To be honest Iím a bit disappointed in them. I have followed the book chapter by chapter and once I finished reading the book I went on to the readiness suite that comes with the books.

    I found that the practice exams contains an awful lot of material not even mentioned in the book which is annoying as well as discouraging because I felt I was nearly ready for the exam.

    I know that Microsoft put no pass mark on the exams and its done by a points system (700 for a pass). However the Microsoft press practice tests set the pass mark at 87% (39/45). Is this realistic? It seems very high.


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    Re: Pass Mark

    Aim for at least 85%....

    Keep doing the pactise tests until you can get 100% repeateadtly then take the exam.


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      Re: Pass Mark

      Take your time on the questions. Make sure you know exactly what they are asking for and think it through. I also used MS press book but i used simulation test paper also and that helped me far more. Lots of DNS and DHCP questions, a few for SUS, Remote Access, and routing and bunch of question from security.
      I read 2 week straightforward ucertify kit before exam. So I've had lots of questions in my mind.


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        Re: Pass Mark

        i must disagree with the part about DNS and DHCP. that is part of 70-291.
        the 70-290 is about managing users and groups (you need to know when to use which group scope), managing access to folders (sharing and ntfs), backup solutions, disaster recovery (ASR), performance monitoring, hard disk issues (make sure you now the different RAID sets), a couple of SUS, IIS and terminal services questions.

        i've passed it about 8 weeks ago. what annoyed me where the simulation questions. you can actually do these questions in a couple of ways, but they don't neccessarily save the options you ticked. seems like microsoft wants them done in a specific way. i am sure they cost me some points, the damned things
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