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  • MCSE Certification

    First off let me say that this site/forums is(are) a godsend! I am currently working as a netadmin for a radio station (blah blah blah) And for the most part I am flying blind when it comes to system maintenance etc. We are currenty running several 2K3 servers/XP and NT clients with Exchange 2K3. I am going to be obtaining my MCSE rather soon and I wanted to get a few opinions on the Boot Camp route. I feel that the boot camps would be intense (but nothing I cant handle) I have been working in the IT field for over 6 years and I have a pretty good idea on how everything works. (If not I know where to find the info) My question is are the Boot Camps worth the time and $$$? I dont exactly have the time needed to obtain my MCSE thru a tech school so the BCs look like a viable option. (Possibly looking into getting my Cisco certs as well)
    Any info or opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Im my opinion boot camps are only good for obtaining your cert, which is in fact just a crappy piece of paper if you cannot back it up with actions and true working knowledge, not just abcd memorization.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services