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  • Help Me get started with the MCSA

    I am looking to get the MCSA on 2003 i currently have A+, Network+, & Linux+ certifications. So this will be my first microsoft exam I am currently studying for the 70-270 exam and feel very confident that I will pass. My employer is going to send me to the MCSA2k3 bootcamp with global knowledge in a few months. However I would like to start studying now so I can pass the test at the end of the class so my boss wonít feel like I wasted the money. My question is what additional books/software should I purchase to help me study? I have purchased the Microsoft books for 70-270, 70-290, and 70-291 and these seem great, however I have been seeing a lot of post about trancender, testking, and other packages that are suppose to help also. Can anyone give me suggestions as to what they would recommend to study for the 290 and 291 exams? Also which exam I should take after I take the 270 exam. I am interested in purchasing some product however I donít have a lot of money to spend.

    Thanks in advance

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    Having used it, I can throughly recommend TrainSignal.
    This is a CBT product and will give you a big headstart in preparation for a bootcamp. It really is excellent, that good in fact that I am going to purchase the rest of the product line.
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      thanks, i will definitely look into that product.
      Are the trancender training pretty good also? i am looking to get material on the 70-290 and 70-291 exams


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        Transgender have very little training value. They do provide tests that allow you to gauge what areas your training is lacking. Personally I think Transgenders are an overpriced waste of money AND they are bullies.

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          i plan on taking the 70-270 there any book or training materials or techniques you would recommended for this particular test? i am currently using the microsoft press books to study for this one.


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            Re: Help Me get started with the MCSA

            Microsoft Press are good books... but personally i prefer Cybex.
            futher, play along with 70-270. Run it in Vmware of Virtual pc for testing (so it don't mess you're machine up). Just work with it, and do the examples in the books.
            You need some practice experience for the exam.
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