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question regarding certs

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  • question regarding certs

    hello guys i have a couple of questions
    i finished my first tests and acquired MCSA and now i have also found a job as a helpdesk in comverse

    its really diffcult in israel to find anything above helpdesk for new people trying to fit in the market im looking for system administrator roles and im wondering

    is it easier in lets say wherever you live so id be happy to hear what kind of certs and experience is required to start working where you guys live
    appreciate the help thanks

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    Re: question regarding certs

    Are you saying that you just got your MCSA and you're new in the IT field? If so, then I wouldn't expect anything more than an entry level helpdesk\tech support position to start off with. You have to start at the bottom and work your way up, no matter where in the world you live.

    The new MBA graduate does not get a CEO job right after graduating. It takes years of hard work and experience.

    I would give yourself a couple of years in the trenches. Continue your education and build up experience. Then start looking for the sysadmin job.


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      Re: question regarding certs

      I completely agree with Joeqwerty.
      Just start at the entry level and work you way up.

      That's the same way I did 9 years ago.
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        Re: question regarding certs

        Same as me.

        I started on the helpdesk around 8 years ago and kept looking for work.

        Got a job installing a new netowrk for primary schools in Scotland and haven't looked back since.


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          Re: question regarding certs

          Same for me as well, got my first couple of MCPs and did several 6 month or so contracts doing First Line support and gradually worked my way up.
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            Re: question regarding certs

            Didn't start in a help desk or tech support position, but wish I had.

            Was thrown into a position where a company needed a body to fill a position in order to get a contract. All I wanted was to get into the IT field, which I majored in. I guess at the time we were both getting what we wanted, but it wasn't a good career move in hindsight. I believe I would have gotten where I am a lot quicker had I entered at the ground floor.

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              Re: question regarding certs

              Definitely start at helpdesk/desktop support and move up. I started in a customer facing roll at a college years and years ago. Now working on 3rd line stuff trying to get a project. You will be a far more rounded techie starting at the bottom.