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mcse or mctip

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  • mcse or mctip

    hey guys,

    im confused on what i should be going for mcse or mctip.

    a little background. the company i work for uses server 2003 for their AD, terminal servers, blackberry servers but uses server 2008 for exchange 2007

    we are on NDS at the moment for file system but are looking to go to full AD

    im not the administrator but i work directly under him and do, do alot of day to day admin

    ive implemented the term services for about 800 users + a wsus server

    hope i have given enough background info

    thanks guys

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    Re: mcse or mctip

    Do you have any certifications already that would count to one or the other?
    Do you plan to be on the job market soon? (if so, employers understand MCSE but not MCITP yet)
    Do you feel the 2003 or 2008 side is most important for your work?

    Basically, its your call, but search this forum for a fairly recent discussion on the merits of the two -- I don't think anyone came to a firm conclusion

    Good luck, anyway!
    Tom Jones
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      Re: mcse or mctip

      I would go for the MCSE initially and then an upgrade course to MCITP. Your main admin sounds as if it will be Exchange 2007 and Windows 2003 Server.
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        Re: mcse or mctip



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          Re: mcse or mctip

          Wondered why you had done all the faces for a while and then realised. I must slow down my typing rate.


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            Re: mcse or mctip

            A Master of Science in Clinical Epidemiology does sound rather interesting even if it isn't exactly related to IT.

            Krayzie, I'll be a "me too!" in this thread. Get your MCSE first and then go on to the MCITP. Of course, this is told to you by someone who got his MCSE a few weeks ago and is currently studying for his final exam in the MCITP:EA (scheduled tentatively for Sept 5th ). You may also be interested in getting the MCITP:Enterprise Messaging Admin cert. Three exams on Exchange 2007 and you've got the paper!
            Wesley David
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              Re: mcse or mctip

              thanks guys
              Ossian : i definatly feel 2003 is the bulk of my work - but i know when we cut over from novell FS we will probably go server 2008

              i dont want to be in the job market, i want to do it for myself primarily to give me more skills in ,my current job to be able to improve the current systems we have and be able to maintain them more efficeiently and to basically verify why i am in my job

              Garen i dont understand the smillies either lol

              i definatly want to get the exchange cert too

              but thanks for your help guys..


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                Re: mcse or mctip

                This forum has a 10 character requirement, I spamed the smilies to make my post longer.
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