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To start learning Exchange 2003

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  • To start learning Exchange 2003

    Hello Everybody,

    I am new to this forum but I've been reading the regular newsletter for a year or two.

    I am a Network admin with over 15 years of experience and recently I completed the Exchange 2007 certificate (configuring Exchange 2007) without having been working on Exchange 2007 server in real life. As a matter of fact I don't have Exchange 2003 experience either but I do have experience with several non Microsoft POP3 email servers, like Imail.

    The business is quite slow at the company that I am with and there is a chance for getting laid off eventually. I've been reading job postings in the last few weeks and realized that there are a lot more job postings for someone with Exchange 2003 experience vs. 2007.

    The lecturer who has given the course on Exchange 2007 told the class that Exchange 2007 is so different from v2003, that with the knowledge of certificate of v2007 you just couldn't do a good job in an Exchange 2003 environment.

    So, my questions to this forum are the following:

    Do you agree with the statement above?

    Does it makes sense to learn Exchange 2003 in 2009?

    What kind of learning path would you recommend for me to "catch up" with Exchange 2003?


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    Re: To start learning Exchange 2003 - This will help you catch up and enable you to compare the differences between the 2 systems.
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      Re: To start learning Exchange 2003

      IMHO Yes, as many businesses, especially in "the current economic climate" are not moving on to the current version.

      I agree there are vast differences between the two products so, while some knowledge transfers, most does not do so easily

      Regarding training -- I would look at the MS Press Self Paced course since you have much experience already
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        Re: To start learning Exchange 2003

        I only did my Exchange 2K3 certification in December. There are still so many people using it and holding off on their 3 year upgrade cycles that it's well worth knowing about. You are also in the fortunate position of having 2007 knowledge for when people are eventually ready to upgrade.

        I used the MOC book (Course 2400) as well as MeasureUp practice exams to pass, which I did at the second attempt. God Bless Second Shot!
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          Re: To start learning Exchange 2003


          Thank you very much for your feedback, today I ordered the MS training book from Amazon.



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            Re: To start learning Exchange 2003

            Thread moved.
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              Re: To start learning Exchange 2003

              I went from barely knowing how to spell "Exchange" to passing the 70-284 exam with my highest ever Microsoft exam score and I owe much of it to the Train Signal videos. Excellent resource and well worth the money (especially the price I paid for them, but that's another story... ). Before that, I used SAMS Teach Yourself Exchange Server 2003 in 10 Minutes (Liars!! It took a few more than 10 minutes to read the book ) just to get a good overview of the product. I tried to read Exchange Server 2003 Unleashed, but found it as appetizing and dry as cold sawdust and thumbtacks. I finished off my training with Transcender's 70-284 practice exam. I feel confident in my base understanding of the product and know that if I had to admin a Exchange 2003 environment I'd be able to easily springboard into the real world.
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