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MCSE At last...Hurrayyyyy

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  • MCSE At last...Hurrayyyyy

    what a relief it is now...It took me over 4 months to pass my MCSE Exams ...The preparation i used for this MCSE revolved around Transcenders , Guides & MOC Books . CertifiedEasy Guides were right on money . Their guides had very relastic questions which i was tested on even in real exams .I would go for them again for my MCSE 2003 Exams . Now for the moment i will be testing for GMAT , reading GMAT Guide at & hopefully going to a MBA School..I need ur good wishes guys..Hurray once again

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    Congratulations on your achievment!

    Please don't think I am trying to rain on your parade, but obtaining an MCSE just gives you a basic understanding in some Microsoft products. It is a bit like having a licence to learn. Look back in 3 or 4 years and you will realise just how limited the MCSE knowledge you now have is. This is only a stepping stone to greater learning.

    Good luck on the rest of your studies, although luck should NEVER be a part of them.
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      Well done! Now all you need to do is to find the right frame and hang da ting on ya woll...

      Daniel Petri
      Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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        Wishing the best

        Wishing you all the best. Learning is a non ending process and I think you will excell in it.
        Best regards,
        Mostafa Itani

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          I agree

          Being out there in the field is where most of the learning takes place. Luckily I have been working in the 2K3 environment before I attempted to tackle my MCSE. (It helped quite a bit) Obtaining my MCSE taught me a few more efficient ways to get stuff done, but actually applying these practices is where I really learn my job.
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              Re: MCSE At last...Hurrayyyyy

              Well done! I just receive myself the kit from Microsoft, it took almost a month but they(Microsoft) recognize that it take more time because of the new certification.
              anyway I want to wish you best luck if you intend to proceed with other exams.

              MCSE,MCSA, MCP, Comptia A+


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                Re: MCSE At last...Hurrayyyyy

                Wow very good work guy,
                take the MCSE in 4 months is what i dream every night !!

                But i don't agree about the fact that the MCSE or certification in general are not useful and not qualifying for a person who work in the IT.

                Oh well yes, i must also reconize that certifications not give you all of the power-knowledge-of-the-world and the rest you must learn it working on every day.. and it's right!

                But you can't deny that about certification:

                - it's a good reference for to pass the "people-selection-filter" when companies decide to hires some new employee

                - give you the necessary theory e guidelines for working in field with the right approch and clear framework on your mind..

                You know well how many people work in very big company and in case of cathastrofic event say ..." what we could try now?!... Let's try this thing i read in a noob forum" eh he don't you know?

                Congrats again!