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  • Certification in Tel Aviv


    I'm living in Tel Aviv since 8 month.
    I'm from France.
    7 years experience working in computers network and application developpement.
    I'd like to know if the MCSE in a real plus on the israeli job market.
    I'd like also to know wich "school" to choose :
    or Michlala Hi-tech in Hertzelia, or John Bryce ?
    Are courses difficult for a non good hebrew speaker?

    Thanks by advance, if someone can advice me...

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    As an MCT and a freelance instructor for most of Israel's CTECS I can tell you it's all about the instructor, and not the buildinng you're in. Go and see both schools you've mentioned, ask them who the instructor will be, ask them for extra stuff they're giving (for example, the option to re-take a course, free exam vouchers and so on) and make your mind.

    As for the language issue - most if not all classes are held in Hebrew, I don't think you'll find a full MCSE course that is tought in a different language. However the books are all in English, and so is this site...


    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      thank you for your answer.
      I think it can be good to try it ... even if it will cost me a lot
      I hope it will give me a bonus in my working life in Israel.


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        I hope you'll find the right place. If you want, contact John Bryce and tell them I sent you, then tell me who you spoke to and I'll make sure you'll get a better price...

        Daniel Petri
        Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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          mcse and jobs situation in israel


          first of all to address the question about job offers and how they are related to being certified mcse or whatever

          in israel certification are worth no more than their weight in toilet paper
          and that is beacuse most everybody passes the exams through the use of
          various methods of cheating among which TK is the most popular
          mcse,unlike in eu,is the default baseline for getting at least an interview
          for any it job.
          most places that are lookin to fill a system position will hold an extensive interrogation interview where they will try to catch you not being able to answer questions,sometimes goin quite in depth into issues
          moreover, in israel,everybody is lookin for an All-around hand

          which means that even though they are asking for mcse they are really expecting you to be able to handle cisco routers,their firewalls ,their web site and sometimes unix machines as well as administer various other services on the network ( issues wich mcse certs do no adress at all)

          having said that ,mcse will get you a job as help desk and thats a start
          but unless you're willing to learn more than what you're taught in class you're toast!

          now about various places to study :

          nobody would host a course in english,much less in french
          maybe in jerusalem but im not sure

          the best facility ive come across is the mikhlala leminhal in rishon le zion
          but they charge accordingly

          john bryce have a great facility
          HOWEVER - they stick to MS MOCs which IN NO WAY prepare you for either the cert exams nor for actually real life
          Also MS MOCs define the amount of time allotted to each course and you will not get anymore even if you dont quite comprehend the subject
          Also john bryce (nor anybody else as far as i know) address the issue of actual exams which are quite unlike what you learn in class

          I have taken the mcsa course with john bryce last year

          first of all,of the ppl who were present at the course,at least a half
          had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what they were being told and paid no attention and bothered everybody else ( and that despite john bryce's promise to actually allow only ppl who have at least A+ level knowledge )

          there were some issues that werent properly discussed
          for example the whole exchange course is 40 hours
          which hardly leaves you time to read the book,much less actually practice

          of the 5 ppl who took the course with me,only i took the cert exams
          and even i dont feel confident enought to take the exchange cert

          the others didnt even feel confident enough to take the 70-270 which is a child's play compared to the rest

          to sum up - if you know your stuff and are coming from IT side of town
          MCSE will help...
          if youre lookin for a career change - invest your money elsewhere

          P.S. israelis dont really like french accent so be prepared to suffer ... seriously