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Second shot IS back...

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  • Second shot IS back...

    This cut & Pasted from the MCP Newsflash email ten seconds ago...

    Originally posted by MS MCP News
    Your Favorite Offer Is Back: Get a Free Second Shot on Your Exam (Worldwide)

    Our Second Shot offer, which gives you a free second chance to pass your IT professional, developer, or Microsoft Dynamics exam, is available again to help you show off your industry-leading IT skills with less stress. Second Shot helps you get certified. We are pleased to make it available to you once again with the help of our worldwide test delivery partner, Prometric. Follow these steps to certify your skills on Microsoft's latest technologies--the Visual Studio 2008 development system, the Windows Server 2008 operating system, or the Windows Vista operating system, for example--with a free second chance to pass your exam if you need it.
    Visit the offer landing page for details and answers to your frequently asked questions.

    Find a target exam: browse certifications on

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    Re: Second shot IS back...


    You have until June 30, 2009, to register, obtain an exam voucher, complete your first exam and retake your exam (if you did not pass on your first attempt).
    There is no limit per person: If you register for this offer, you will receive one free retake for each paid exam that you take and fail.

    To take advantage of this offer:

    Step 1: Register for Second Shot on the Microsoft Web site and receive an exam voucher number.

    Step 2: Schedule and pay for your initial exam through the Prometric Web site, call center,* or test center.
    Note You must have the voucher number before you register.

    Step 3: Take the exam.

    Step 4: If you do not pass the exam on your first attempt, register for your free retake exam through the Prometric Web site, call center,* or test center by using the same voucher number. Then, take your Second Shot!
    Note You must wait one day after taking your initial exam before you can register for your retake exam. This time is required to enter test results into the system.

    Which exams qualify for this Second Shot offer?
    Any Microsoft Learning IT professional, developer, or Microsoft Dynamics exam qualifies for this offer.
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      Re: Second shot IS back...

      Darn good to hear! Many thanks for the heads-up .... I'll go read my MCP flash email now for a change
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        Re: Second shot IS back...

        Oh well, I managed to do my MCITP:EA rigggght between the two Second Shot offers haha. If they come out with a MCITP:EA+Security I'll use it for that I guess.
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