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VUE - problems with exam prices

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  • VUE - problems with exam prices

    EDITED, Hebrew text removed by danielp

    Hello, I'm an Israeli guy currently living in Holland
    i was shock to see the price differences for each exam between countries within the OLD European Union and outside:
    In israel each MCSE exam cost 50 $
    In poland (just for comparison) 80 $
    Here in holland/grmany etc it cost 140 Euro!!!

    Please tell me why is it?

    Btw, If I could I would fly to israel or other country, I've summed it up to 1050$ difference for the entire MCSE which is 75% cheaper then here (approx. 1400$ here against 350$ in Israel or 560$ in the new EU countries).

    Awaiting response, Arik

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    It costs approximately $100 per exam in the US. Go figure.

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      They probably think that everyone here is stinking rich

      I'll ask them to consider a discount for non native dutch


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        I believe the price in Australia is now aroung the AUD$235-255 mark. (US$190+) Go figure.
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          One of the cheapest methods I know of is by registering at Their prices are quite low and you buy a voucher you can use in any testing center you want.

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            Thank, but

            I see no price difference, in both cases it's 140 exc BTW etc.

            Thanks again, Whould love to get another solution, or any clearance for that matter, in case I've misinterpreted your guidelines.


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              Price for an exam in oz is $180 a marked decrease about 4-5mths ago where it was $245.00


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                Did you tried to order it from the web (VUE site for example)?
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                  Exam price in PORTUGAL

                  Some examples, there are another exams

                  Microsoft: $230 (normal)
                  CISCO: $240 (CCNA)
                  COMPTIA: $220 (NETWORK+)

                  MCSE w2k
                  MCSA w2k - MCSA w2k MESSAGING
                  MCDBA SQL2k