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    Hi there

    Iam planning to start at the MCSE exam in Windows 2003 server. I have no exams yet, and I have no ideer on how to start. I have looked througout this forum but still have some questions.

    excatly what books are needed to take the exam, I looked at this site under the exams that was nessary for the complete MCSE exam (was it six?). But what books and other information should i read before beginning at the exams.
    I wont take it on cources because it is to expensive, so it shall be self studing.

    I think thats it, and by the way, if you guys could give me a link to a complete book collection to the different exams needed to get the MCSE.

    Iam sorry for my poor english (Iam danish)


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    I suggest you begin by looking the the MS Certification website and determining which exams you need to take:

    Then, buy a training kit from one of the major publishers. These are some of my favorites:;link_code=xm2

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      Okay But the exams that I need is the 6 core exams right?
      I can then expand and take additional exams?

      This training kit you are linking to is that a collection on all the information and knowledge you need to have so you can take the 6 core exams and get your MCSE?


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        6 core plus 1 elective (from a choice of several). The other option is to do the MCSE 2000 (same number of subjects/exams as 2003) and then do an ADDITIONAL 2 upgrade exams for the 2003 certification. All up, 9 exams for 2 certs.
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          Okay that would be smart, to take the win2k and then upgrade it. Do you go to the different exams one at the time, and then when all are succeded you are MCSE, or are you reading at all the exams and then go to one big exam that includes all of it?

          By the way, isn't there something about that you should have some MCP exams before you can be a MCSE?


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            You become an MCP as soon as you pass 1 MS test.


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              Thanks I have started at the MCSE 2003.

              The books I have bought is the MS training kit for the 4 core exams, I hope that by reading this and doing it in practice you can pass the exams.

              Once again, thanks!


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                First decide your track .

                Hello there,
                I suggest you 1st to decide wether you want to finish M.C.S.E. on Windows
                2000 track or windows server 2003. I recommand you to follow Windows
                2000 track because it has plenty new features which u'll automatically learn
                . And after that it will be easier for you to upgrade to windows server 2003.
                Active directory is a new concept in win2k. So just first go for win2k track.

                See ya,
                Amey Abhyankar.
                [ M.C.P. Since 2002 ; M.C.S.E. Windows 2000 ; M.C.S.A. Windows server 2003 ; M.C.S.E. Windows server 2003 ]
                All in 1
                Solaris,Linux & Windows admin + networking.