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Exam difficulty (Was: Looking for 70-292 & 70-296 study guide)

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  • Exam difficulty (Was: Looking for 70-292 & 70-296 study guide)

    Does anyone have softcopy or ebook for the above?

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    Testking version 38.0 I have .

    Hello SG guy,
    I just passed out 70-296 on 16 March. I have TK 38.0 braindump with
    414 question's. E-mail me at [email protected] . I also want some
    study material . We can exchange rite ?

    See ya,
    Amey .
    All in 1
    Solaris,Linux & Windows admin + networking.


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      The official Microsoft Training Kit for these two exams is a great book. I'd highly recommend it!

      Click the link below for info
      UK Newbie!


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        I'm having some difficulties with 070-292. I received my MCSE 2000 back in November of 2001, and unfortunately, have not done a whole lot of system administration in jobs since then, so needless to say, I'm quite rusty...

        However, I have studied, and studied and studied, gone though the book listed in the previous post, as well as having gone though over 600 sample questions from a couple different sources AND having done sample tests from

        I installed windows server 2003 on a home computer, have gone though the exercises, practices, and played around with settings...

        I'm more than a bit frustrated with the difficulty of this test though. half a page, multiple paragraph descriptions for each and every question, 'best answer', and many other confusing situations to make the questions seem very unclear.

        Another thing that amazes me is that after over 600 sample questions, I STILL find NEW questions! New commands that they expect you to know, new scenario's, etc.

        Am I having so much difficulty because I am so rusty from my MCSE 2000 being so long ago, or have others had similiar difficulty?

        (I almost wonder if I would pass easier if I just studied for, and took all 7 tests for the MCSE 2003, instead of the upgrade tests...)


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          Failed again

          My score is going backwards!

          I scored even lower this time. I do good in one area one time, then bad the next. I'm not perfect and I do have some 'weak areas', BUT I'm just not getting something here

          I could of sworn I was going to walk out of there with a 850'ish score, and I got HALF that!

          Extremely confused and frustrated in Wisconsin


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            Hire a MCT tutor?

            I'm thinking that before I retake, AGAIN, I'm going to try to find a MCT that I can 'hire' for about an hour or two tops to tutor me in my weak areas...

            Does anyone know how I can find a MCT that is familiar with the 2003 track, and could be hired out for an hour or two of tutoring?

            I've done a couple quick google searches but not finding a way to find a "freelance MCT" or just a MCT who is in the area, who could be hired for an hour or two?...

            Madison, Wisconsin is where I'm looking for this, but I'd be willing to make a substancial drive to accomodate a tutor also.



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              I read some threads on Microsoft's forums and people are basically saying that you'd have a much easier time just redoing the whole 2003 MCSE track then trying to pass 070-292

              How many of you out there have taken 070-292? It seems rediculously difficult

              I was 'pretty close' this last time anyway, with a score of 650, and a required score of 700.

              Also, someone please tell me that 070-296 is a little easier than 292. I'm dying here!


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                I've heard all the war stories about this one as I am about to take it myself this Wed. The only MS test I have failed so far is the dreaded 70-240 NT to 2000 upgrade exam. I hopefully will nail this one but realise that confidence does not necessary guarantee success!


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                  I passed this one first try. 70-296 next.


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                    Congratulations Jimh. You are either:
                    - Extremely lucky and got a good pool of questions OR
                    - Extremely extremely prepared, and have probably already designed a couple win2k3 networks

                    I have talked to half a dozen different boot camps, and NO ONE even gives 292 and 296. They have their students do 290, 291, 293, and 294.

                    Read the following links, and again, count yourself lucky for passing it first try, grats!

                    Read this link, then the other really good link is linked within there, as follows,

                    I passed 070-290 with no problem, and will be taking 291 as soon as I can get a chance.

                    I still haven't decided whether to try 296 or not, or to just do 293 and 294.


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                      In the previous post I said 'extremely prepared' which can really mean extremely good at english comprehension!

                      Haven't we all figured it out by now that what a LOT of MS's tests and testing methods boil down to is english comprehension. NOT how well you know the material.

                      double negatives, assumptions, tricky wording... That's the root of Microsofts exams it seems... And why this is so, well I really don't know!

                      I didn't mind the simulation parts of the exams AT ALL and I hope Microsoft can get away from english comprehension and test more on actual practice through simulations.


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                        it's not imposible

                        I passed both 70-292 and 70-296 on the first try last month at VUE,
                        got 800 on 70-292 and 900 on 70-296 both had 40 questions.
                        it's a good thing I didnt read all the horror stories about 70-292
                        before the exam because I might have taken the 70-290/291 exams instead.


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                          thanks for the kind words EPK.

                          Maybe I did have a good bunch of questions cause I was expecting VB scripting questions on creating user and OU's. I did find many of the questions convoluted and messy. Anyway talk is that 70-296 is actually supposed to be easier than 70-292.



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                            Hey, since I had a few posts in here, figured I might as well update...

                            I ended up taking 070-290 and 070-291 (after failing 292 FIVE TIMES), and they were both relatively easy compared to my experiences with 292...

                            And then 296 was also relatively easy compared to 292...

                            So, all done!

                            Took a while :/


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                              Well done EPK!!
                              1 1 was a racehorse.
                              2 2 was 1 2.
                              1 1 1 1 race 1 day,
                              2 2 1 1 2