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How to pass 70-236

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  • How to pass 70-236

    Since my last post to sco1984 was misinterpreted by the moderators as looking for advice for 70-284 and 70-285 that I have already passed, I will ask the forum again.

    Anyone have any Book recommondations for Exchange 2007. Both for certification prep and product understanding?

    I was not happy with the way the MSPress book for 70-284, the exam I am not asking about here, and I ended up using the Exchange 2003 Resource Kit, for the exchange 2003 exams, and real world experience, for the exchange 2003 exams, and I don't want to end up buying a book that I would otherwise use underneath my matress at night to combat my acid-reflux.

    Comments and questions are welcomed before this thread gets hijacked and closed.


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    Re: How to pass 70-236

    Personally I have always found Sybex's offerings to be pretty worthwhile.

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      Re: How to pass 70-236

      The reason I closed your last post was that it did not appear to be related to the thread it was in, also it appeared to be saying that Exchange 2003 books were not helpful for an Exchange 2007 exam.

      This was not a personal attack, just good moderation of the forum. If you check the forum rules ( it includes giving your thread a good title and keeping to the topic. The rules about hijecking are currently unclear but I will ask Daniel to modify the announcement to make it clearer

      As such I closed the thread and you did the right thing by posting a new one. IMHO the title could have been better, but that is a personal opinion.

      To get on topic, I generally recommend a combination of:
      Real World Experience (Lab or Operational)
      A range of books, particularly: MS Press for the official line and ExamCram as I've always found them useful (others recommend differently)
      Practice Questions -- as many as possible -- to get you in the mood
      In addition, check the official syllabus on the microsoft site to see what the books may leave out!

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