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mcse 2000 2003?

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  • mcse 2000 2003?

    How long do you guys feel that 2000 MCSE will be relevent i.e. or needing 2003 experiance. I ask because I am studying on the 2000 track got my first mcp 2000pro and am getting ready to take my server and active directory.I go to a tech school thatwe get six week mods for each exam including a+ and net+. I just want to make sure that I dont spend most of the rest of this year finishing 2000 MCSE only to find out I am behind the curve
    Thanks for your opinions

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    Much of the relevent concepts overlap which will be beneficial for both tracks.

    Those of us who have an NT MCSE can attest to the fact that the certification is still of use even now. Keep this in mind, the knowledge will be useful long after Microsoft retires the exams - so in the long run you can't go entirely wrong eitherway.

    I'd personally focus on 2003.

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