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confused, can I take the exam online anywhere ?

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  • confused, can I take the exam online anywhere ?

    I live in a small spanish island so there aren't any centers
    here, can I take these certificates online from home ?


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    Re: confused, can I take the exam online anywhere ?

    Originally posted by Aeris
    I live in a small spanish island so there aren't any centers
    here, can I take these certificates online from home ?

    No, this isn't possible. Too many people would cheat. We already have too many paper MCSEs as it is...

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      Why not contact Microsoft and ask? I'm sure they will have a better and more authoritive answer that us here.

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        I have spoken to Microsoft about this previously, and their answer is that with the current "secure" testing in place, approx as high as 30% of new MCSE holders are "fraudulant" people, that have cheated in some way.

        Currently, there is, and at this stage will not be any online testing system, because there is nothing stopping someone from sitting someone elses exams.

        At current, my current testing centre required either a licence/passport, and required creditcard payment, and wishes to see secondary forms of ID before allowing you to sit the exams, while sitting the exams, your movements are reqorded on CCTV, and everything documented. As a further protection to the exams, the testing is also monitored by the tester, it records things like applications running in the background, CPU usage, memory usage, and all other activities that are seen in the Task manager, to make sure you cant open up a web browser and search for answers, and so you cant open up documents that may already contain answers.

        At this stage, the only real option for you is to have a paper tester come to your village and allow you to sit the exams this way, or for you to travel to a testing centre that is close to your village.

        I am located in Australia, and when I spoke with Microsoft, they gave me this answer for World Wide, so this wont change for Spain, USA, Israel, Australia, etc...



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          what about an open book besides you, or printed documents... i think its to easely to cheat... if you wanted or not.
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            I know of a testing centre that you can "bribe", if you ask the admin, she will allow you to prepare your notes, and she will also let you "pretend" to be someone else.

            Cheating is dead easy, I could sit someone's exams pretending to be them, but at the end of the day, it's that person that will suffer anyway.

            I know enough to get by in my line of work, but if an employer is asking for MCSE, and they have cheated to get it, they WILL get sprung, and they will look stupid, probably loose their qaulification, and probably get fined by Microsoft for not adhereing to the NDA's and T's and C's for the exams.


            EDIT: it's also cheating the others that have earnt their qualifications the correct way, with hard work, study, and education...


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              Mazda_brian, could you tell me the name of that place. It is just so I can err, um, avoid going there of course.

              Seriously, I think that place should be reported as it diminishes the effort other have put in to get their MS Degree.
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                The place has been reported, and once evidence is gained to proove the aligations, it will be closed. I spoke with the Admin that run centre, and she doesn't care, which is just the wrong attitude.

                Most of the people that have tested via that centre are getting spot checks and evidence is being gathered.

                Justice will take it's course.