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MCSE Upgrade??????????????

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  • MCSE Upgrade??????????????

    Hi all,

    I'm MCSE NT 4.0 and start to think about how to upgrade my MCSE.
    I'm working with win2000 & win2003

    If i upgrade it to win2000, i will have only 2 exams, am i right???
    If i upgrade to win2003 i will have 6 exams, am i right?

    Can some one tell me which are the 2 exams to take to upgrade to mcse2000?

    And after these 2 exams, 2 other exams to upgrade to mcse2003(i know them)

    Thanks in advance for your answers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: MCSE Upgrade??????????????

    is your friend

    Upgrade from MCSE on Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
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      Re: MCSE Upgrade??????????????

      In my opinion you should consider doing the full MCSE2003 track, or just wait for the MCSE2007. According to the rumours it's just around the corner (the end of 2007)

      Good luck.


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        Re: MCSE Upgrade??????????????

        Do the 2000 track, then 2 exams for the 2003 track. That way you are covered for everything. Then you may find there is only a couple more for the 2007 track.
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          Re: MCSE Upgrade??????????????

          If you already have a lot experience with Windows 2003 AD & other technologies jump directly to fresh Windows 2003 MCSE track.

          Otherwise, never think of it!!! Windows 2000 AD itself is a huge technology Microsoft came up with. Network Infrastructure exam is not that difficult or server
          exams. But yes, I suggest you to get well familiar with Active Directory & cross forest reletionships and other things. Physical & Logical componants of Active Directory. Atleast from the aspect of an exam it's essential.
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            Re: MCSE Upgrade??????????????

            Originally posted by sco1984 View Post
            Network Infrastructure exam is not that difficult
            Sorry dude but i beg to differ. This exam, in its Windows 2000 format, was an absolute nightmare.

            They don't call it 'The Beast' for nothing.

            Anyway back to the OP's questions

            To upgrade from NT4 to Windows 2000 MCSE you need one exam as has already been said but i'm sure this exam has been retired.

            For the upgrade to 2003 here is a list of exams you would need to take.



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              Re: MCSE Upgrade??????????????

              I would do MCSE 2003.

              I am half way thru MCSE 2003 - Security and have been advised to refocus my attention on LongHorn aka MCSE 2007 the successor to Windows Server 2003. However if you do 2003 and choose 70-299 as an elective, Longhorn certification will be a breeze. ( or so they tell me!)

              My gut guess is... that if you go the shortest route by upgrading to to 2000 from NT, you will be required to upgrade again to at least 2003 in a much shorter time than if you had just gone ahead and focused on 2003 or waiting on 2007, that is, if you can wait. If you gotta get recertified before your old cert runs out, then do 2003.

              Just my 2 cents....
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                Re: MCSE Upgrade??????????????

                ????? If the OP goes from NT4 to Windows 2000, then it is a 2 exam upgrade to 2003. They are then covered or 2000 AND 2003. Your way will result in just 2003. Yes, 2000 is close to it's end of life, but NT4 is still out there and running 11 years after it went live. I would also guess there will be a 2 or 3 exam upgrade to 2007 Server if MS follow their past form.
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