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  • Comptia CTT Advice..

    Hi, folks.

    My first post, and I am very glad to be participating in a very well run and informative forum.

    My question is regarding training, and the route to MCT.

    Does anyone have any advice on decent reading materials and maybe practice tests for the Comptia CTT exam ?

    Additionally, any other advice regarding the exam and the certification would be much appreciated.

    I know it goes without saying, I want to pass the exam based on knowing the answers, and I am glad to see that braindumps are frowned upon here. I don't mind spending money on good materials, and I would do a course if needed, though I am already working in training so I am not sure how much a course would teach me. (I want the CTT as I am working towards MCT)

    Thanks in advance.

    Neil Mac
    Neil Mac

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    Re: Comptia CTT Advice..

    There is no a demo exams for Comptia CTT exam . Just start to work as PC instructor etc. and move on. During this time, you will get experience, feedbacks etc.
    It will take 1-6 years to become a good instructor most of the time.
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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