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Cisco Routing Quiz - Part 3

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  • Cisco Routing Quiz - Part 3

    Hello to All,

    I posted a 15 question Cisco routing quiz over on my personal website and I thought I would share some of the questions with you all, who may be preparing for your CCNA exam. If you already have your CCNA, perhaps you just want to test your knowledge to prep for your CCNA recertification exam.

    Here are the last 5 of the 15 questions and answers (answers at the bottom).

    10. Which command do you use to prevent OSPF HELLO packets from going out a configured interface?
    a. no network
    b. passive
    c. no advertise
    d. hello-off
    e. quiet

    11. In OSPF, every router must have communications back to what?
    a. Area zero
    b. The root
    c. OSPF central
    d. Area one

    12. Which of these routing protocols would be unavailable on a non-Cisco router?
    a. OSPF
    b. RIP
    c. EIGRP
    d. BGP

    13. What type of OSPF router would connect an area that is not using OSPF?
    a. BDR
    b. ABR
    c. BR
    d. ASBR
    e. OSBR

    14. A router receives two identical routes from different protocols. What route is put into the routing table?
    a. The route with the most trusted AD
    b. The best route
    c. The OSPF route
    d. Both routes

    15. If RIP receives two similar routes to a network, which route is put into the routing table?
    a. The route with the most trusted administrative distance
    b. The most specific route
    c. The RIP version 2 route
    d. Both routes

    10. B. Passive
    11. A. Area Zero
    12. C. EIGRP
    13. D. ASBR
    14. A. The route with the most trusted AD
    15. B. The most specific route
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