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    guys and gals,

    i am looking for some input in regards to switches while studying for the ccna exam.
    i have purchased the official cisco certification library which includes the boson simulator and i am looking into using the gns3 emulator as well.

    my questions are:

    as the gns3 emulator does not emulate catalayst switches due to the asic processor, will the boson simulator be sufficient for gaining enough experience to pass the exam?

    if i were to buy a used cisco catalyst switch through ebay, would it need to be a layer 3 like the 3560 or would a layer 2 like 3500 suffice?

    thx for ur input

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    Re: Cisco Simulator

    Can't answer the questions you asked (so why am I replying) but you can rent/hire online Cisco devices to assist with your studies. Thought i had a ready linke when I hit the Reply button but I have to go looking for it. Sorry.
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      Re: Cisco Simulator

      From what I've read, it is possible to complete the CCNA without physical hardware, but using real hardware is always preferable - you at least get an idea of how slow things are to respond and can encounter hardware glitches that you wouldn't in a simulator. Not to mention the benefit of practicing physical cabling and familiarization with ports and so on.

      If it's just for the CCNA, then switch wise you could get away with a 2950 or a 2960 since that is what is covered in the exam. However, if you intend to go further i.e. into CCNP then you would be wise to invest in a 3550 for future-proofing.


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        Re: Cisco Simulator

        i guess i'll get a used 3550 through ebay. 200 - 250 euros is no big deal.
        thx for the input