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TrainSignal Cisco CCNA Training - Petri Coupon Code - Expired?

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  • TrainSignal Cisco CCNA Training - Petri Coupon Code - Expired?

    Hello All,

    I'm willing to buy the Cisco CCNA Training videos from TrainSignal. I'm hesitated a bit because of its current price (~$400). I was searching for coupon codes to lower the price, and found the page: this_site's_domain_name/cisco-ccna-training

    The coupon code "PETRI100" should cut $100 of the price. However, when I tried applying it, the TrainSignal cart page said it is invalid.

    Has this offer expired? I'm used to getting the message that the coupon has expired when the coupon code is old, not that it is invalid.

    Thank you very much,

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    Re: TrainSignal Cisco CCNA Training - Petri Coupon Code - Expired?

    As there's currently an offer on anyway, I wouldn't have thought you'd be able to apply a coupon to get even more money off - you're already saving $400.

    In any case, getting an error telling you that a coupon has expired would mean it's still in their database. A message telling you that it's invalid suggests to me that it's been so long since the coupon expired, that it's since been purged from their database. As there's no date on the page you got the code from it's impossible to tell how old the offer might be. Hopefully either Daniel or one of the other administrators will see this thread and let us know
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      Re: TrainSignal Cisco CCNA Training - Petri Coupon Code - Expired?

      Elanah, email Train Signal and see what discounts, if any, they may have for Petri members at this time. At the worst they can only say none.
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        Re: TrainSignal Cisco CCNA Training - Petri Coupon Code - Expired?

        Somone deleted my post advising against the purchase of CCNA training by TrainSingal because the cost isn't worth it.

        Obviously Petri has a conflict of interest here where they remove any negative remarks against their sponsers.

        This is no longer a a forum I will contribute to.



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          Re: TrainSignal Cisco CCNA Training - Petri Coupon Code - Expired?

          Come on Garen, i think you should know better.
          As far as I can see nothing has been deleted, and you also know that we would be honest enough to say if there would be an issue with it.
          Why are you so darn negative? Just contact one of the mods or admins (since they can see more) and discuss it with them.

          Edit: I requested an explanation by our admins.
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            Re: TrainSignal Cisco CCNA Training - Petri Coupon Code - Expired?

            Hi Elanah,

            As I am both a Train Signal employee and Petri Moderator, I am can tell you that Train Signal is 100% in support of Petri and vice versa. I don't know of any post that was deleted and, if it was, I am sure there must be some error.

            I want to help you get a discount on your Train Signal training and make sure that you are 100% happy.

            I am going to send you a PM now with my email address and let's communicate that way.

            Thank you and, again, I am sorry if there was any misunderstandings here.
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              Re: TrainSignal Cisco CCNA Training - Petri Coupon Code - Expired?

              Just a heads up that Internetwork Experts also have CCNA training as well. I am using their products for my CCIE R&S prep. They have a investment protection program as well which guarantees updates on the product should something be added to the exam for life. Their support is top knotch as well.

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                Re: TrainSignal Training - Petri Coupon Code - Expired?

                Hi Elanah,
                I'm in the same boat.
                I bought Security+ last month, which was 1st class, and I have to renew my CWNA in a week. I'd love to get the Train Signal CWNA course but just can't afford it with a family of four and mortgage dependent on just my salary.
                Did you manage to find a discount coupon that helped out? Iíve been looking for a few days and have nothing!
                All the best,