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Which Cisco Certification path should I take?

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  • Which Cisco Certification path should I take?

    Should I take the path for "Routing and Switching" (CCNA,CCNP,CCIE Routing & Switching), "Network Security" (CCNA,CCSP,CCIE Security), "Storage Networking" (CCNA,CCIE Storage Networking) or "Service Provider" (CCNA,CCIP,CCIE Service Provider). I already work for a large telco, so I was thinking the service provider track, but the other three interest me more. I also want to go where the most money and demand is, I hear storage networking is a growing field. Also, i realize that the CCIE is ridiculously difficult to achieve, but I'm confident I'll be able to eventually pass it, so no need to tell me how difficult the CCIE is

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    Re: Which Cisco Certification path should I take?

    I would go the R&S route to start with. Its up to you wether you want to jump right into the CCIE or not, really depends on your experience.

    The new R&S V4 covers a lot of material. If you know the topics on the blueprint then you shouldnt have any issues. Also they just ended the open ended questions for the R&S and Voice labs (actually May 12th) which was a big point of failure for alot of candidates. I started my lab prep at the end of January. Spent the money and got my own rack for the house. Been using INE workbooks and Class on demand. The INE program is top notch and they stand behind their products. I hope to shedule my lab date early next year but Ill so how it goes.

    I would say voice is the way to go now. After I finish R&S I will probably move onto voice.
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      Re: Which Cisco Certification path should I take?

      Hi Landspark,

      i was sailing in the same kinda boat my friend but that was an year ago. now am sure that i want to get on with R&S first and then probably voice or security but thats later

      reason :- when you know how your packet is being switched or routed you know the game and then everything else is just an add on

      hope that helps !


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        Re: Which Cisco Certification path should I take?

        Start associate level certification which is CCNA directly, it is spread over into two exams which are icnd1 and icnd2,for study material consult and