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Cisco unveils the "Doctorate of Cisco Certifications"; The CCA

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  • Cisco unveils the "Doctorate of Cisco Certifications"; The CCA

    From this article:
    • Besides knowing and understanding the architectural design of networks, the Cisco Certified Architect will also understand how to map business requirements to the architectural design and be able to communicate that to others in the organization.
    • "The new certification will sit atop all of our certifications in the portfolio," said Sanjay Mehta, product manager for wireless and mobility at Cisco Systems.
    • Those who take the exam, which Weiller described as being the doctorate of Cisco certifications, will have to understand how network architecture aligns with business strategy, be able to translate business parameters into functional network designs, and have strong communications skills.
    • To get accepted into the program, a candidate will have to hold a CCDE certification and have at least 10 years of experience in architectural networking engineering.
    • As part of the program, the candidate will be given an architectural challenge to solve. Much as a doctorate candidate would take a thesis to a panel to defend it, so too will the Cisco Certified Architect candidate have to defend the solution to the architectural challenge.

    So, who here is going to go for it?
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    Re: Cisco unveils the "Doctorate of Cisco Certifications"; The CCA

    All these new certifications are getting to be just plain stupid. When is it ever going to end? What I would really like to know is how much of a "value added earner" the cert programs are to MS, Cisco and the others.
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      Re: Cisco unveils the "Doctorate of Cisco Certifications"; The CCA

      I guess if you're up there in the $150,000+ salary range these things could help you. For the rest of us it will eliminate you as a candidate since nobody can afford to hire you.