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Another CCNA Home Lab Question - Sorry!

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  • Another CCNA Home Lab Question - Sorry!

    I am currebtly studying for my CCNA and have got to the Frame Relay section and now need some kit for testing, I currently have a 2801 router but no Serial Interface card on it. I have been offered the following. Will it cover all the relevant topics and allow me to test all protocols.

    Many Thanks

    2 x 2924-XL-EN Layer 2 Switch
    2 x 2501 16/16 Router 12.3 IP Plus IOS (ethernet + dual serial)
    1 x WIC-1T Serial interface for 2801 Router
    2 x serial cables
    3 x cat5 straight cables
    3 x cat5 crossover cables
    1 x console cable
    4 x power cables
    2 x training CDs
    60 day warranty

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    Re: Another CCNA Home Lab Question - Sorry!

    The equipment listed will be useful for many topics although the 2501's will not serve for router on a stick. You may want to invest in a router with multiple serial interfaces to serve as your frame switch. Watch out for tranceivers needed for your AUI ethernet interface on the 2501's.