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Cisco's CCNA Prep center

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  • Cisco's CCNA Prep center

    For those who are pursuing their CCNA certification, Cisco now offers a "CCNA Prep Center".

    The Prep Center is free and offers practice questions for the CCNA, Cisco router lab simulations, tips, discussion forums, videotaped CCNA instruction, and advice.

    I do see that some of these things offered are really links to other providers who will give you a demo, then try to sell you something. However, there is really some decent original content at the Prep center to aid in the CCNA.

    One of my favorites are the CCNA games. They have the "CCNA challenge" where you have to configure a router in the shortest time possible. There is a binary game and a slingshot game. The binary game can even be download to your PocketPC PDA. All of these games help you prep for the CCNA in some way.

    The CCNA Prep Center can be found here:

    For more information on the CCNA, checkout this weblink:

    While the CCNA Prep center is pretty cool, it is just one resource.

    I want this forum to be another good CCNA resource so please post all your CCNA-related questions here!

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