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w00t! 922/1000 on the first try!

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  • w00t! 922/1000 on the first try!

    Just passed CCNA . I used the Sybex 5th Edition book, and briefly skimmed
    through the CiscoPress INTRO and ICND books and used
    guides which were right on money . I only had 1 sim and about 2 or 3 NAT
    questions. There was a suprising amount about switching on the exam.
    There were also alot of diagram questions. Anyway, it was 53 questions and
    took me about 40 minutes to finish.

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    Re: w00t! 922/1000 on the first try!

    Well done, very good score!! Congratulations.
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    2 2 was 1 2.
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      Re: w00t! 922/1000 on the first try!

      Congrats MR Collins, CCNA !

      While you savor your moment, are you planning on going on to any of the other Cisco exams next?

      Thanks for the post!
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