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    Features of the Built-In Firewall in Alcatel SpeedTouch Pro

    Posted on by Daniel Petri in Alcatel

    Do I need a firewall with the Alcatel ADSL modem? Can I disable it?

    No, actually you don’t need the firewall. After converting your SpeedTouch Home modem to the Pro version, a firewall (built-in in the modem) is activated by default. You can check this by using software like Zone Alarm to see if attacks take place. You can also check this within the modem:

    1. Open a telnet session to the modem ("start" – "run" – "telnet").

    2. When asked for a username, type your username and password (the one you’ve configured here Upgrade from Alcatel SpeedTouch Home to Pro)

    3. At the prompt type "ip" (without the quotes)

    4. At the new prompt type "config" (without the quotes).

    You can disable/enabled the firewall using:


    Alcatel SpeedTouch Support page


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