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    Feature Pack 2 for SharePoint Server 2016 Has Been Released

    Posted on by Jussi Roine in SharePoint 2016

    Microsoft announced that the latest major update to SharePoint Server 2016, Feature Pack 2, has been released. It is a free update, similar to Service Packs but in this case in a package that introduces new features.



    Feature Pack 1 was released almost exactly one year ago, so it has been a while since SharePoint has received a major update outside Office 365’s SharePoint Online. Feature Pack 2 contains all features from Feature Pack 1. If you have skipped on the previous release, you can install Feature Pack 2 directly. We advice you to install this in a test setup first before deploying to a production SharePoint Server 2016 farm for obvious reasons.

    To download the update for your SharePoint 2016 farms, you need to download the September 2017 Public Update. It includes Feature Pack 2 along with all the new functionality.

    The major new feature in Feature Pack 2 is support for SharePoint Framework (SPFx) web parts for on-premises SharePoint. With SPFx support, developers can now implement custom web parts that work similarly in the cloud with SharePoint Online and on-premises with SharePoint 2016. The newer SharePoint Framework Extensions, which is still a Release Candidate for SharePoint Online, is not part of Feature Pack 2.

    To learn more about SPFx development with Feature Pack 2, see here.

    In addition, Feature Pack 2 brings in several improvements and fixes for SharePoint Server 2016.


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